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In questo articolo andremo a vedere quali sono i brani più rappresentativi di questo genere! Come sempre, per ascoltare il brano, ti basterà cliccare sul titolo e verrai indirizzato al video su Youtube. Si cominicia! Buon Ascolto! Ora andiamo a vedere quelli stranieri…. Per me significa tanto e forse qualche tuo amico o amica sta proprio cercando queste canzoni!

Boasting a superb collection of songs, including her first hit single, "America," and controversial cover art depicting the Statue of Liberty holding up not a torch but a vibrator painted with the colors of the U. She went on to become one of the biggest pop icons in Italy in the '80s, releasing a string of highly successful albums and memorable singles.

Her essential trilogy of albums, including Latin Lover, Puzzle, and Profumo, was produced by Conny Plank of Eurythmics, Devo, Kraftwerk, and Ultravox credentials , who played a key role in designing Nannini's '80s sound. Its video, directed by legendary filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni, became a staple of the blossoming MTV phenomenon in Europe.

Other singles from the period include "Ragazzo dell'Europa," "Bello e Impossibile," and "Profumo," all of which were included in her first greatest-hits collection, Maschi e Altri, which sold over a million copies after its release in At the same time she was busy becoming a pop star, Nannini furthered her independent streak by creating her own record label, Gienne, with manager Peter Zumsteg, and developed her other artistic interests by composing soundtracks, appearing in a Gabriele Salvatores' film, and performing the songs of Kurt Weill and Bertold Brecht with Sting and Jack Bruce at the Hamburg's Schaispielhaus.

Nannini's international profile reached a peak in June when she sang "Un'estate Italiana" with Edoardo Bennato, the official theme song of the Soccer World Cup held in Italy that summer, fondly remembered by soccer fans worldwide as arguably the best World Cup song in history.

Citazione da Meravigliosa Creatura di Gianna Nannini

Subsequently, Bennato and Nannini donated all royalties to Amnesty International. Nannini wisely chose not to remain stuck in her '80s persona, however, and opted to progressively revamp her sound during the '90s and s, making some of her finest and certainly most ambitious work in the process.

Moreover, years seemed to have added a rougher edge to Nanninis voice that only highlights the sensuality, irony, and dejection of her characteristically passionate singing modeled after Janis Joplin -- arguably her main influence.

Nanninis later albums aptly combined striking sonic aggression and elements of electronica with string arrangements and traditional Italian lyricism, a method she mockingly dubbed "Heavy Puccini.

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All the while, Nannini remained a strong seller, thanks in large part to the strength of formidable singles such as "Meravigliosa Creatura" and "Sei Nell'Anima. Following in the steps of Maschi e Altri, she released a new compilation roughly every ten years Bomboloni in , Giannabest in , which invariably reached the top of the charts.

Nannini's original studio recordings continued to perform well during the s. The latter was an especially ambitious project, representing Nannini's attempt to tell the history of Italian music during the 20th century across 17 specially selected songs.

Descargar MP3 Meravigliosa Creatura Gratis 2018

In , she released Amore Gigante, a celebration of love and diversity. Aside from her music career, Nannini has concurrently developed her literary and social interests.

In , she earned a Summa Cum Laude degree in Philosophy from the University of Siena, with a graduate thesis on the subject of the relationship between the human body and the voice. In , she published her first book, the autobiographical Io, and a book of interviews by writer Edoardo Nesi appeared in Furthermore, she was a regular presence at benefit concerts and humanitarian causes, the most well-known being an impromptu concert staged with the help of Greenpeace activists at the French Embassy in Rome in July in protest France's resumption of nuclear testing at the Mururoa islands, and her two visits to Baghdad in in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the Fine Arts Academy and Music School.

HIT ITALIA 1995- Meravigliosa creatura – GIANNA NANNINI

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Canzoni di Gianna Nannini Babbino Caro. This album peaked in the top 10 at the Italian, German, Austrian and Swiss hit-parades.

She sang for the videoclip Fotoromanza directed by Michelangelo Antonioni , won several musical awards and started a European tour, including a participation at the Montreux Jazz Festival. In her hit Bello e impossibile was a huge success and brought her more awards in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Her compilation Maschi e altri sold over a million copies.

She graduated in philosophy from the University of Siena in The following year she took part in a protest organized by Greenpeace at the French embassy in Rome against the decision of the French government to pursue nuclear experiments at Mururoa. Her album Grazie was released in February , and has peaked at number one of the Italian hit-parade with the single Sei nell'anima.